RS sandintaufers schloss
RS sandintaufers schloss


The Val Pusteria offers a multitude of castles such as Brunico Castle or Tures Castle.

South Tyrol is characterized by a multitude of castles and ancient residences, also the Val Pusteria in fact offers numerous ancient murals that deserve to be taken a closer look at. Accompany us on our virtual journey back in time!

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  1. Neumelans Castle
    RS ansitz schloss neumelans in sand in taufers

    Neumelans Castle

    Neumelans Castle was built as place of jurisdiction and corresponds fully to the…
  2. Heinfels Castle
    RS heinfels burg

    Heinfels Castle

    The impressive Heinfels Castle is one of the emblems of the eastern Val Pusteria,…
  3. Casanova Castle
    RS gais schloss neuhaus

    Casanova Castle

    Casanova Castle near Gais in the Valle di Tures has a strong connection with many…
  4. Schöneck Castle
    schloss schoeneck

    Schöneck Castle

    Schöneck Castle is located in Issengo near Falzes and is believed to be the birth…
  5. Tures Castle
    RS sandintaufers schloss

    Tures Castle

    Tures Castle towers high above Campo Tures and fits very well into the surrounding…
  6. Rasun Vecchia Castle
    Ruine Altrasen

    Rasun Vecchia Castle

    The castle built around 1200 is located south-east of Rasun di Sotto.
  7. Rasun Nuova Castle

    Rasun Nuova Castle

    This castle ruin is located on the western side of the valley in Rasun di Sopra and…
  8. Rabenstein Castle
    RS virgen burgruine rabenstein

    Rabenstein Castle

    Rabenstein Castle near Virgen in East Tyrol, the third biggest castle complex of…
  9. Villa Ottone Castle
    Burgruine uttenheim

    Villa Ottone Castle

    Villa Ottone Castle is believed to be built by the Lords of Villa Ottone around…
  10. Thurn Castle
    RS welsberg burgruine thurn

    Thurn Castle

    Thurn Castle lies opposite of the more famous Monguelfo Castle in the surroundings…
  11. Herbstenburg Castle

    Herbstenburg Castle

    The Herbstenburg Castle in Dobbiaco was acquired by the brothers Herbst around 1500.
  12. Chela Castle
    RS gais kehlburg bei amaten

    Chela Castle

    Chela Castle in Gais was built in the early 12th century, today, it is only a ruin.
  13. San Michele Castle
    RS michelsburg bei st martin st lorenzen

    San Michele Castle

    San Michele Castle near San Lorenzo di Sebato, the most important castle of the…
  14. Anras Castle
    RS anras kirche

    Anras Castle

    Until 2014 Anras Castle housed the museum of the Hochpustertal valley and the Court…
  15. Bruck Castle
    RS schloss bruck bei lienz

    Bruck Castle

    Bruck Castle near Lienz in East Tyrol houses the Regional Museum Lienz.
  16. Brunico Castle
    RS schloss bruneck

    Brunico Castle

    Brunico Castle is an episcopal castle in the heart of the Val di Pusteria and…
  17. Colz Castle
    RS Alta Badia La Villa Schloss Ansitz Colz

    Colz Castle

    This castle in La Villa dates back to the 16th century, its history is closely…
  18. Casteldarne Castle
    RS ehrenburg bei kiens schloss

    Casteldarne Castle

    Casteldarne Castle, located on the left bank of the Rienza river in Casteldarne,…
  19. Lengberg Castle
    RS schloss lengberg bei nikolsdorf

    Lengberg Castle

    The beginnings of the castle near Nikolsdorf in East Tyrol go back until 1190.
  20. Liebburg Castle
    RS Christkindlmarkt Lienz Liebburg

    Liebburg Castle

    The well-known Liebburg Castle is located in the middle of the main square of Lienz…
  21. Rodengo Castle
    RS blick auf schloss rodenegg

    Rodengo Castle

    The impressive Rodengo Castle towers high above the Rienza river and is…
  22. Badia Castle
    Sonnenburg castelbadia

    Badia Castle

    Badia Castle, not far from the main road leading through the Val Pusteria, is…
  23. Ciastel de Tor
    RS st martin in thurn san martin de tor schloss

    Ciastel de Tor

    Ciastel de Tor above San Martino in Badia is the emblem of the Ladin-speaking area…
  24. Weissenstein Castle
    RS schloss weissenstein bei matrei

    Weissenstein Castle

    Weissenstein Castle near Matrei is named after the bright dolomite rock on which it…
  25. Monguelfo Castle
    Pustertal Schloss Welsperg Welsberg

    Monguelfo Castle

    The particular castle complex of Monguelfo Castle especially impresses due to its…
  26. Sichelburg Castle
    RS pfalzen ansitz sichelburg

    Sichelburg Castle

    Sichelburg Castle in Falzes captivates its visitors with its tower-like form and…

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