San Michele Castle

San Michele Castle near San Lorenzo di Sebato, the most important castle of the western Val Pusteria valley, was built in 1091.

San Michele Castle is located on a cliff in the south of San Lorenzo di Sebato. The castle complex was built in 1091, so it may not be the oldest castle of the valley, but it is for sure among the most important ones in the western part of the Val Pusteria.

In the 15th century the castle was place of jurisdiction of San Michele, its administration area was mostly in accord with the area of the parish. After the founding of the town of Brunico, especially the Earls of Görz promoted San Michele Castle and the village of San Lorenzo di Sebato, among others also to accomplish a kind of equilibrium to the town of Brunico, which was quite booming then.

In 1678 the entire castle together with the court came into possession of the Künigl of Casteldarne who owned it until 1955. Today San Michele Castle is in private hands.

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