Neumelans Castle

Neumelans Castle was built as place of jurisdiction and corresponds fully to the rules of proportion of the Renaissance.

Within 12 months Neumelans Castle was built in 1582/83 in Campo Tures. Builder of this residence was Hans Fieger, the judge of Tures, so the building was designed as a place of jurisdiction. It was built according to the stringent rules of proportion of the Renaissance: a significant high building, with down quadrangular and up round turrets, geometric window rows with the inscription 1584 as well as coffered ceilings in the rooms. The rooms are arranged around large halls which are vaulted on the ground floor and flat on the upper floors.

The castle is named after the Melans Residence near Absam in the Inntal valley (North Tyrol, Austria) which was also built by the Fieger Family. The castle in Campo Tures was built later, so it got the name Neumelans (neu = new). The story of Neumelans Castle is strongly linked to the one of the near located Tures Castle.

In 1864 the castle was restored by Johann von Ottenthal, today it is in private possession and can only be visited from outside.

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