Brunico Castle

Brunico Castle is an episcopal castle in the heart of the Val di Pusteria. In July 2011 the fifth Messner Mountain Museum “Ripa” was opened within its walls.

Brunico Castle lies on the top of the hill that dominates Brunico, the city on the Rienza river. In the middle of the 13th century , the bishop of Bressanone, Bruno von Kirchberg, commissioned the building of the castle in order to protect his lands in the Val Pusteria, laying the foundations for the city of Brunico.

The interiors of the castle host numerous emblems of the bishops who lived here: Albert von Enna (1323-1326), Ulrich Putsch (1427-1437), Andreas of Austria (1591-1600), the bishops of Spaur and Welsperg. All of them contributed to the building of the castle, either by extending or restoring it.
Unfortunately, many of the frescos in the rooms and halls of the castle are poorly preserved. However, the unique atmosphere of the castle still attracts many visitors.

In July 2011 the fifth MMM, Messner Mountain Museum, was opened at Brunico Castle. Its interactive collection mainly focuses on the everyday culture of mountain people like Sherpas, Indios, Tibetans, Mongols and Hunzas.

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