East Tyrol

The Alta Val Pusteria does not only include South Tyrolean territory, but extends up to East Tyrol.

East Tyrol borders on South Tyrol, Veneto (province of Belluno), the Carinthia and Salzburg. The chief city of East Tyrol is Lienz, situated nearly in the middle of the area. This area is characterised by its mild climate and intact nature. This is also where the highest mountain peaks of Austria and the nature park Hohe Tauern are situated. This national park is the largest park in Central Europe.

East Tyrol can be devided into four areas, which are the Dolomites of Lienz, the Valle Defreggen, the Alta Val Pusteria and the Hohe Tauern. It is not only a popular destination for hikers, but also for those who love cross-country skiing in winter, as there are several cross-country ski tracks extending even to Italy!
The highlight for skiers: on the most ski slopes you can ski with only one ski pass “OK”!

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  1. Abfaltersbach
    pustertal osttirol bei abfaltersbach


    Abfaltersbach with its decorative farmhouses lies very quietly between lakes,…
  2. Anras


    The sunny village of Anras in the Upper Val Pusteria captivates visitors with its…
  3. Amlach


    Amlach at the foot of the Lienz Dolomites and the Drau river is the ideal…
  4. Ainet
    ainet in osttirol


    Ainet lies at the entrance of the Isel valley, only few kilometres from the town of Lienz.
  5. Ausservillgraten
    ausservillgraten villgraten villgratner tal


    Ausservillgraten in the charming Villgraten valley is embedded in beautiful green…
  6. Assling
    mittewald assling


    Assling in the Upper Val Pusteria is particularly famous for its wildlife park.
  7. Heinfels
    heinfels dorf mit burg


    Heinfels at the entrance of the Villgraten Valley in the Upper Val Pusteria is…
  8. Hopfgarten in Defereggen
    RS hopfgarten in defereggen

    Hopfgarten in Defereggen

    The village of Hopfgarten lies in an idyllic position at the entrance of the wild…
  9. Huben
    huben in osttirol


    Huben ist the southernmost locality of the municipality of Matrei and lies in the…
  10. Innervillgraten
    innervillgraten villgraten villgratnertal


    Innervillgraten in the Upper Val Pusteria is a charming village with hamlets and…
  11. Kartitsch


    The village of Kartitsch in the Gailtal Valley is surrounded by the Dolomites and…
  12. Kals am Großglockner
    NP Kals am grossglockner

    Kals am Großglockner

    In Kals am Großglockner at the foot of the highest mountain of Austria tradition…
  13. Matrei
    Matrei Kirche


    Matrei lies in the magnificent Hohe Tauern National Park, at the foot of Mount…
  14. Obertilliach
    obertilliach fr


    Obertilliach, one of the most beautiful villages in the alpine area, is an insider…
  15. Sillian


    A true paradise for both active tourists and tourists interested in culture and history.
  16. Strassen
    strassen in osttirol


    In Strassen in the Upper Val Pusteria a road branches off to the Lesach Valley.
  17. Untertilliach


    The small mountain village of Untertilliach lies in the East Tyrolean Val Pusteria,…
  18. Prägraten am Großvenediger
    Ortsansicht Praegraten

    Prägraten am Großvenediger

    Prägraten am Großvenediger lies in the romantic Virgen valley in the Hohe Tauern…
  19. St. Jakob in Defereggen
    st jakob defreggental hoefe

    St. Jakob in Defereggen

    St. Jakob in Defereggen is embedded in the unspoiled nature of the Hohe Tauern…
  20. St. Johann im Walde
    st johann im walde osttirol

    St. Johann im Walde

    The charming village of St. Johann im Walde lies in the heart of the Isel Valley,…
  21. St. Veit in Defereggen
    st veit defereggen

    St. Veit in Defereggen

    The village of St. Veit in Defereggen between Hopfgarten and St. Jakob is the…
  22. Dölsach


    Dölsach is particularly famous for its archaeological excavation site Aguntum.
  23. Gaimberg
    grafendorf gemeinde gaimberg


    The holiday village of Gaimberg lies at the foot of the Zettersfeld mountain in the…
  24. Iselsberg Stronach

    Iselsberg Stronach

    Iselsberg-Stronach lies in the south of the Iselsberg pass with view to the Lienz…
  25. Lavant
    OW Lavant


    The charming village of Lavant in the heart of the Lienz Dolomites lies near the…
  26. Leisach


    The charming village of Leisach in the Lienz Dolomites is famous for his…
  27. Lienz
    lienz osttirol


    Lienz, the beautiful chief city of East Tyrol, also called “Pearl of the…
  28. Nikolsdorf
    nikolsdorf in osttirol


    Nikolsdorf in the Lienz Dolomites comprises the localities of Nikolsdorf, Lengberg,…
  29. Nussdorf-Debant
    NP Nussdorf Debant


    Nussdorf-Debant in the Lienz Dolomites captivates visitors with its proximity to…
  30. Oberlienz
    Oberlienz Sommer


    The “flower village“ of Oberlienz is located in the beautiful Lienz Dolomites at…
  31. Schlaiten


    Schlaiten, a small village in the Isel valley, lies at the foot of Mount Hochschober.
  32. Thurn
    thurn osttirol


    The sunny holiday village of Thurn lies at the foot of Mount Zettersfeld in the…
  33. Tristach


    Tristach lies in the Dolomites of Lienz near the Tristach Lake, the only swimming…
  34. Virgen


    Welcome to the most beautiful flower village of Europe, embedded in the Hohe Tauern…

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