Fanes Group

The mighty Fanes Group rises around the legendary Fanes Plateau in the Dolomites,

The Fanes Group, east of the Val Badia valley, a mountain group of the Dolomites, extends until the Braies Dolomites in the northeast. Eastern and southern parts of the group are located in the Italian Province of Belluno, all the rest can be found in South Tyrol and is protected in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park.

The Fanes Group consists of numerous three thousanders, the highest one is the Piz Cunturines with 3,064 m asl. Further significant mountains are the Sasso delle Dieci (3,026 m asl.) and Cima Nove (2,968 m asl.), Piz Lavarela (3,055 m asl.), Fanesspitzen and Monte Cavallo (2,911 m asl.). Famous mountain huts in the area are the Rif. Fanes (2,060 m asl.) and the Rif. Lagazuoi (2,778 m asl.), one of the highest located mountain huts of the Dolomites.

The mountain group is named after the Fanes alpine pastures at more than 2,000 m asl. Here the “Realm of the Fanes” with Princess Dolasilla is located, many Ladin legends grow around her. The high plateau is a famous hiking destination in summer while in winter the mountain group invites to spectacular ski tours.

Highest peak: Piz Cunturines (3,064 m asl.)
Territory: South Tyrol, Belluno

  1. Piz Cunturines

    Piz Cunturines

    The highest mountain of the Fanes Group, the Piz Cunturines or Conturines, is…
  2. Piz Lavarela

    Piz Lavarela

    The Piz Lavarela is located near San Cassiano in the Val Badia valley, separated by…
  3. Sasso delle Dieci

    Sasso delle Dieci

    The more than 3,000 m high Sasso delle Dieci is one of the local mountains of La…
  4. Sasso di Santa Croce

    Sasso di Santa Croce

    The Sasso di Santa Croce or also called Rosskofel is part of the…

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