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12 Offers

  1. Hotel Waldhof: Golden fall

    Golden fall

    less than 3 km away from Plata

    In fall the calm returns. The holiday season is over, the ideal time for hiking, biking or just relaxing in the beautiful mountains.

    from  30/09/23  to  22/10/23

    7 nights from 644 € per person

  2. Hotel Waldhof: Dolomiti Super Premiere

    Dolomiti Super Premiere

    less than 3 km away from Plata

    A perfect start to the new ski season. Fresh powder snow and superb skiing at bargain prices!

    from  01/12/23  to  22/12/23

    4 nights from 400 € per person

  3. Hotel Waldhof: Special 8%

    Special 8%

    less than 3 km away from Plata

    Large plains, stunning views of the Dolomite peaks and a deep sense of peace await you in your holidays at Plan de Corones.

    from  07/01/24  to  13/01/24

    1 night from 103 € per person

  4. Hotel Waldhof: Dolomiti Spring Days

    Dolomiti Spring Days

    less than 3 km away from Plata

    Extra- long skiing days with plenty of sunshine await you! Our special offer at the end of season: 6 days skipass at the price of 5.

    from  16/03/24  to  01/04/24

    7 nights from 700 € per person

  5. Hotel Post - Tolderhof: Happy Family

    Happy Family

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Family Holidays ! Enjoy 20 % off the second room for your kids up to 16 and make summer memories with your loved ones !

    from  26/08/23  to  15/10/23

    7 nights from 700 € per person

  6. Hotel Post - Tolderhof: Riding Week !

    Riding Week !

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    You can book 11 riding lessons for the price of 10 !

    from  26/05/23  to  15/10/23

    1 night from 700 € per person

  7. Hotel B&B Feldmessner: Time for two

    Time for two

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Surprise your partner with some time together and spend unforgettable moments with our "Time for two" offer!

    from  23/09/23  to  23/12/23

    3 nights from 234 € per person

  8. Hotel Petrus: September at South Tyrol

    September at South Tyrol

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Every day we are active in the mountains with our guests - whether on mountain peaks, pastures or rafting tours! And of course looots of relax at the pool area!

    from  03/09/23  to  05/11/23

    7 nights from 885 € per person

  9. Hotel B&B Feldmessner: Girls just wanna have fun

    Girls just wanna have fun

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Friendships want to be cultivated and nurtured, but above all lived...

    from  22/09/23  to  08/10/23

    3 nights from 205 € per person

  10. Hotel Rudolf: Last Minute Special

    Last Minute Special

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Hotel Rudolf
    active relax enjoy | Brunico - Riscone

    The Rudolf is too nice to stay at home :-)

    from  28/09/23  to  22/10/23

    1 night from 139 € per person

  11. Hotel B&B Feldmessner: Feldmessner Autumn Special 6=5

    Feldmessner Autumn Special 6=5

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Experience 6 magical autumn days for the price of 5 days, we give you a free day off!

    from  02/09/23  to  25/11/23

    5 nights from 500 € per person

  12. Hotel Brunnerhof: Autumn Special - Short stay

    Autumn Special - Short stay

    less than 6 km away from Plata

    Your autumn escape from everyday life!

    from  14/09/23  to  15/10/23

    3 nights from 203 € per person