A special kind of wrestling in South Tyrol is called “Ranggeln” and is a rather old tradition.

Ranggeln is not only a tradition, but also a very curious sport, which is practised above all in the Val Pusteria valley, in East Tyrol and also in the Salzburg area. Ranggeln is actually a popular way of wrestling and finds its roots around the year 1947.

This sport, in which the well-built boys fight against each other body to body, usually takes place outdoors and the aim is to win the title of the so-called “Hoagmoar”. There is no classification according to weight classes, but only according to age. The aim of the fight is to throw the opponent on the ground, but he must touch the ground with both shoulders. After a defeat, the participant is eliminated. The player who has successfully fought three fights in a row is crowned “Hoagmoar”.

The referees of these fights must also be winners of a wrestling competition and may call themselves “Schermataxn”. At the end of the fight, the “Hoagmoar” receives a white feather, the so-called “Schneidfeder” (Schneid = courage). However, nowadays this prize is no longer awarded, the winner receives a medal - a pity, right?

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