Monte Elmo

The 2,433 m high Monte Elmo with its round hilltop marks the western end of the Carnic Main Crest.

The Monte Elmo (Helm in German) is located near Versciaco in South Tyrol, on the border with East Tyrol. It is the western end of the Carnic Main Ridge.

At the 2,433 m high summit, the remains of the Monte Elmo Mountain Hut still can be found, which marks the end resp. starting point of the Carnic High Route which proceeds 155 km through the Carnic Main Ridge (9 mountain huts). Also remains of numerous military constructions from the mountain warfare from 1915 to 1918 between Austrian and Italian forces still can be seen.

The top of the Monte Elmo is accessible by the mountain railways from Sesto (up to 2,052 m asl.) and Versciaco (up to 2,045 m asl.), the last few hundred metres a military road proceeds up to the summit. Starting in Sillian, the mountain can be scaled on foot. In winter, the Monte Elmo with its round summit turns into a famous skiing area with 21 km best-prepared pistes.

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