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  1. GreenLake Hotel Weiher: Relaxing Days 5=4

    Relaxing Days 5=4

    Ready for a short time out? With a minimum stay of 5 nights we give our guests a free day in the months of May and October!

    from  06/13/20  to  10/24/20

    5 nights from 448 € per person

  2. GreenLake Hotel Weiher: Paragliding Special

    Paragliding Special

    Arrive, enjoy, relax and take off! Experience the feeling of freedom with Kronfly Tandem!

    from  06/13/20  to  11/01/20

    5 nights from 620 € per person

  3. GreenLake Hotel Weiher: Bike and Hike Days

    Bike and Hike Days

    Treat yourself to a sporty break with hiking and mountain biking!

    from  09/06/20  to  11/01/20

    5 nights from 535 € per person

  4. GreenLake Hotel Weiher: Wine and Gourmet Days

    Wine and Gourmet Days

    Enjoy your holiday with all your senses - with good food and wine!

    from  09/27/20  to  10/24/20

    3 nights from 363 € per person