Gustav Mahler Music Weeks at Dobbiaco

This festival is dedicated to the famous composer Gustav Mahler who spent his holidays at Dobbiaco quite often.

The majority of his holidays the big composer Gustav Mahler spent at Altschluderbach in the Val Pusteria only a few kilometres away from the centre of Dobbiaco. Exactly there, surrounded by awesome nature and animals, in a small wooden hut, he composed the most famous opus in 1907, “Das Lied von der Erde”. The same time he also worked on the composition “Symphony No. 10” which stayed unfinished.

The Gustav Mahler Music Weeks at Dobbiaco are a small but very special event in compliment to the famous composer in a particular landscape. The village is located in the centre of the Dolomites and offers an enchanting scene for the numerous concerts, presentations and speeches during these weeks. They always take place around the mid of July and provide all possibilities to learn more about Gustav Mahler.

Moreover at Dobbiaco and the surroundings concerts with musicians from all over the world take place who perform the unique compositions of Mahler with dignity and invite everybody to dream…

Date: July 13 - 27, 2019

Further information:
Gustav Mahler Music Weeks
I-39034 Dobbiaco
phone: +39 0474 976151

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