Levels of difficulty

Our bicycle tour suggestions are classified into different levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to very challenging

The tour is suitable for every healthy cyclist and requires only little effort. The tour is short with little altitude difference (0 - 200 m). The track is asphalted and/or well maintained and does not exhibit any technical difficulties.

Relatively easy
The tour requires moderate effort, but is not too difficult for average cyclists with relatively good physical condition. It is suitable for cyclists with some experience, the track is asphalted or a well maintained forest road. It can exhibit some short steeper sections.

The tour requires moderate training since it is either long or exhibits several steeper section. The altitude difference ranges between 700 - 1,000 m. The tour exhibits various gradients and the track might not be in perfect conditions in every section. However, the tour can be cycled everywhere. Moreover, a moderate cycling technique is necessary.

The tour is long and exhausting and requires a good physical condition as well as a good cycling technique. It exhibits some steep sections and an altitude difference between 1,100 - 1,400 m. Moreover, the tour can not be cycled everywhere since in some sections the bicycle has to be pushed.

Very difficult
The tour is very long with an altitude difference between 1,400 - 1,700 m. It requires a very good and continuous training. The track mostly runs in alpine altitudes, mainly on forest roads and/or rough country with narrow, stony and rooty sections. There are several pushing sections as well as extreme ascents and descents.

Very challenging
The tour is extremely long with an extreme altitude difference of more than 1,800 m. It requires an excellent physical condition and continuous training since it exhibits extreme ascents and descents and many (uphill and downhill) pushing sections, carrying sections and very narrow, stony and rooty sections. The track often runs in extreme altitudes, requiring even some mountain experience!

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