Monte Muro

The 2,332 m high Monte Muro is one of the important peaks of the Luson Mountains.

The Monte Muro di Luson (Maurerberg) is a scenic mountain and a popular destination in summer and in winter. The Luson Mountains which are divided into two blocks – the Plose mountain and the high plateau of the Alpe di Rodengo pasture – have rather low peaks, one of importance is the Monte Muro in the south-east of the mountain group.

In summer, a beautiful hike starts at the road of the Passo delle Erbe to the Monte Muro Mountain Hut and further to the 2,332 m high peak, which is known as Chi Jus in the Valle Badia valley. The fantastic view from the top across the Fundres Mountains and the beautiful Luson and Rodengo alpine pastures fully rewards us.

In winter by contrast, the Monte Muro is the most noted destination for ski tourers in the Val di Luson valley, the easiest route starts in Luson di Dentro and takes three hours to reach the summit.

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    Special for the Residence & Dependance Bad Moos

    Special for the Residence & Dependance Bad Moos

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