Just looking at it makes one’s mouth water. Nobody can say no to a Krapfen from the Val Pusteria valley.

The Krapfen are a very old culinary speciality from South Tyrol and are offered at almost every folk festival or holiday. In the carnival season, carnival doughnuts with jam or cream filling are particularly popular, while “Kniekiechlan” or “Äpfelkrapflan” are served on other occasions.

The carnival doughnuts (Faschingskrapfen, in German), round dough balls, are made from a yeast dough and baked light brown in oil. The original recipe says to fill them with apricot jam, but also other jams as well as cream or chocolate are ideal for the filling. The recipe for this pastry has been passed down for generations and has not changed much yet.

Sweet Krapfen are also offered at the end of a traditional Törggele meal in South Tyrol. You see, a delicious affair for any occasion.

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