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  1. Hotel Das Majestic: Majestic Autumn Special 7=6

    Majestic Autumn Special 7=6

    7 nights for the price of 6

    from  09/09/23  to  03/12/23

    7 nights from 799 € per person

  2. Schönblick Sport-Active Hotel: Summer Special 4=3

    Summer Special 4=3

    A summer break far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

    from  03/09/23  to  22/10/23

    4 nights from 373 € per person

  3. Boutique Hotel am Park: Special offer 5=4

    Special offer 5=4

    from  03/09/23  to  08/10/23

    5 nights from 299 € per person

  4. Turmhotel Gschwendt: Late autumn in the Dolomites

    Late autumn in the Dolomites

    en the days become longer and longer, the ideal hiking season begins. The mild air smells spicy of awakening nature and the alpine pastures also begin to blossom.

    from  04/09/23  to  20/10/23

    7 nights from 455 € per person

  5. Hotel Rudolf: FALL in love 4=3

    FALL in love 4=3

    Hotel Rudolf
    active relax enjoy | Brunico - Riscone

    Short break. Long happiness. Anyone who takes a vacation at our Rudolf knows: this saying should actually exist.Immerse yourself: in the mountain world, in happiness, in the pool.

    from  03/09/23  to  25/10/23

    4 nights from 495 € per person

  6. Hotel Alp Cron Moarhof: Moar's bike & relax week

    Moar's bike & relax week

    Cruising and relaxing is the motto of the biker week. Enjoy daily amazing tours and later relaxing wellness treatments and delicious plates from our chef.

    from  27/08/23  to  08/10/23

    7 nights from 599 € per person

  7. Hotel Antermoia: Autmn Special

    Autmn Special

    With the Autumn Special package, you can enjoy a wide range of excursions, activities and museum visits, free of charge or with significant discounts.

    from  09/09/23  to  08/10/23

    5 nights from 360 € per person

  8. Hotel B&B Feldmessner: Biking is the new hiking - for the whole family

    Biking is the new hiking - for the whole family

    Offer for our sports friends

    from  05/05/23  to  04/11/23

    from 3 nights from 234 € per person

  9. Hotel Messnerwirt: Offer summer

    Offer summer

    Enjoy your summer holidays in the Dolomites and Antholz.

    from  03/09/23  to  08/10/23

    3 nights from 180 € per person

  10. Hotel Kristall: Loyalty bonus -5%

    Loyalty bonus -5%

    Hotel Kristall
    Kronplatz-Resort | Valdaora - Sorafurcia

    Have you already stayed at our hotel? From your third stay on you will receive a discount of 5% when booking a holiday with 7 nights minimum and 3/4 board treatment.

    from  20/08/23  to  15/10/23

    7 nights from 672 € per person

  11. Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort: Vital Days

    Vital Days

    Now it is time to spend a few carefree days, in the heart of a vast nature, in complete safety among the wide spaces of our family-run resort - the right refuge to take a deep breath.

    from  02/09/23  to  22/10/23

    4 nights from 596 € per person

  12. Hotel B&B Feldmessner: Biking is the new hiking

    Biking is the new hiking

    Offer for our sports friends

    from  05/05/23  to  04/11/23

    from 3 nights from 234 € per person

  13. Hotel B&B Feldmessner: Feldmessner Autumn Special 6=5

    Feldmessner Autumn Special 6=5

    Experience 6 magical autumn days for the price of 5 days, we give you a free day off!

    from  02/09/23  to  25/11/23

    5 nights from 500 € per person

  14. Hotel Monte Paraccia: Dolomiti pusteral autumn special

    Dolomiti pusteral autumn special

    The package includes 12 experiences and offers, worth more than €170, most of them free of charge or still with significant discounts.

    from  09/09/23  to  31/10/23

    5 nights from 385 € per person

  15. Hotel La Casies: Secret Deal

    Secret Deal

    Hotel La Casies
    Mountain Living Hotel | Casies - S. Maddalena

    Exclusive Insider deal

    from  17/09/23  to  31/10/23

    4 nights from 452 € per person

  16. Hotel Kristall: Biking Tours

    Biking Tours

    Hotel Kristall
    Kronplatz-Resort | Valdaora - Sorafurcia

    Exciting adventures with your bike, amazing streets and breathtaking mountain views: Don't miss this opportunity!

    from  24/05/23  to  15/10/23

    3 nights from 303 € per person

  17. Berghotel Zirm: Women summer holiday

    Women summer holiday

    Berghotel Zirm
    Kronplatz-Resort | Valdaora - Sorafurcia

    3 nights and 4 days of time out and holiday in the Berghotel Zirm, from Euro 561,50 per person in double room ( bookable only for 2 persons )

    from  03/09/23  to  22/10/23

    3 nights from 562 € per person

  18. Hotel ANDER: Mountain summer 7=6

    Mountain summer 7=6

    Hotel ANDER
    Tradition & Style | Brunico

    Early bookers enjoy the best price! For a stay of 7 days we give you 1 night for free! Our weekly offer for your summer enjoyment in the Kronplatz holiday region.

    from  14/07/23  to  05/11/23

    7 nights from 690 € per person

  19. Hotel Petrus: South Tyrol. Golf course. Advanced

    South Tyrol. Golf course. Advanced

    This is the perfekt package for everyone who wants to improve their golf swing during their holiday!

    from  20/06/23  to  30/10/23

    7 nights from 1.331 € per person

  20. Pension Moserhof: Golden autumn
    Guest house

    Golden autumn

    Enjoy the tranquility and isolation away from the crowds surrounded by a wonderful mountain panorama. On the Terento plateau you are surrounded by green meadows and woods and you can recharge energy..

    from  08/09/23  to  04/11/23

    7 nights from 350 € per person

  21. Hotel Kristall: Autumn Special 7=6

    Autumn Special 7=6

    Hotel Kristall
    Kronplatz-Resort | Valdaora - Sorafurcia

    Enjoy a golden time out at the Kristall! At a minimum stay of 7 nights we will give you one for free!

    from  23/09/23  to  15/10/23

    7 nights from 606 € per person

  22. Bonfanti Design Hotel: Design your weekend with 3/4 board

    Design your weekend with 3/4 board

    Weekends are great anyway, but at Bonfanti they become fantastic! Book an exclusive design weekend and enjoy unbeatable benefits. Let us surprise you!

    from  19/05/23  to  04/11/23

    3 nights from 405 € per person

  23. Hotel Brunnerhof: Autumn Special - Short stay

    Autumn Special - Short stay

    Your autumn escape from everyday life!

    from  14/09/23  to  15/10/23

    3 nights from 203 € per person

  24. Leitgam: Early-bird discount– 10%

    Early-bird discount– 10%

    luxury hotel for two | Chienes

    Congratulations, you were quick enough to discover our early-bird offer. We’ll give you a 10% discount on your holiday at Kronhotel Leitgam.

    from  03/09/23  to  26/11/23

    5 nights from 833 € per person